Scary Forest Title Motion Tracking Tutorial In After Effects

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    Scary Forest Title Motion Tracking Tutorial In After Effects


    Hi everyone hope you all are doing fine? and staying at home. Today I am going to show how to track motion in After Effects and make something like this below. We are going to use a silent forest clips in this tutorial and let you know how easy it is to track and add your texts or images or anything that you wish at any place. We have also created a video tutorial for the same so if you guys want to watch it you can watch that too.

    There are mainly 3 steps in in Motion Tracking which are shown below.

    Capture The Shot

    Track In After Effects

    Produce Final Video

    1- First we are going to capture a shot. As i have already downloaded the video from Pixabay which is free to use. You can use this video or you can use your own video as you want.

    1. Import the clip into After Effects
    2. Click on Windows->Tracker

    2- Now import the video from the project section to your composition(I hope you guys know how to make a composition if not then press CTRL+N and hit enter). When the video is in the composition create a null object by Right click anywhere in composition -> New -> Null Object and then follow these steps

    1. As now you see tracker option on right then click on Motion -> Select Clip which we have to track -> Click on Right Arrow button and it will start to track
    2. After Tracking is done Click on Apply and then select “X and Y” and then click Okay.
    3. Now your tracking is done and null object have the tracking data as shown in image below

    3- After this enter the text that you want to show and then click on the pick whip of the text and drag it to the null object.Now the Null Object is parent to the text. The text will move in the position which is tracked. And yes we have achieved tracking and made a professional video out of it. Check the image below to see the result.



    We have successfully tracked text with the trees and made a good and professional title intro video. You can make or edit it in any way with your imagination. Also attaching my whole After Effect Files here so you can download it and use it. Hope you like it and please let me know in comment your thoughts or any difficulties you facing while doing it.