How To Make Your WordPress Website Load Faster

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    How To Make Your WordPress Website Load Faster


    Now a days everyone is having a website for their small business or for their large empire. Actually it’s a tradition now to have a website. As people are searching for services or answers online every second. So to be in the competition with others you want your website to load faster and load all the contents whenever someone visits your website. Today I am going to show you some tips for wordpress website optimization and which plugin to use to load your website faster and quicker. Let’s jump directly into it.

    1 - Choose A Good Hosting For Your WordPress Website

    Yes choosing a good hosting provider is important too. Some provider might be cheap but their servers handling capacity is not so good which can handle 100 of sites at time. We faced this problem and changing hosting provider have made our website load faster. Here some of the hosting provider which are good for wordpress websites as they give easy migration from one hosting to another and also some pre-installed plugins for optimization and security.

        1. Siteground Hosting
        2. Cloudaccess Hosting
        3. BigRock Hosting

    2 - Optimize Your Images Before Uploading

    Every images we upload must be optimized before uploading it on our website. Optimizing means not compressing the image, this will reduce the image size but as well as lose it’s quality too. Optimizing means reducing the size of the image but maintaining it’s quality too at the same time. There are websites which optimize your images for free and then you can upload it on your website.This is some manual work for optimization and Here are some websites listed below

      1. Tinypng
      2. Image Optimizer
      3. Ezgif
      4. Image Compressor

    There are some plugins too which will work good for image optimization. These plugins will automatically optimize your images and load your websites faster.

      1. Smush
      2. Ewww Image Optimizer
      3. ShortPixel Image Optimizer

    3 - Use Cloudflare CDN (Content Delivery Network)


    We always recommend Cloudflare CDN as their services is fast, free and good. Their setup is easy and it would take 5-10mins to get it set for some good actions on your website and they have wordpress free plugin to monitor the site performance directly from your wordpress dashboard. They have Site analysis, Securities, Purge Caching, Image Optimization, Code Optimization, & More.

    4 - Use WP-Rocket Plugin

    I kept this for the last as it is a paid plugin but worth buying it and adding it in the website. As it will make your website optimized all along. It have all the features inside which I have mentioned above. It is like a whole package of everything. In which you will get code optimization, CDN options, images optimization, cleaning databases temp fields and unusable files and more. You can check all of it’s features here – WP-ROCKET

    Let us know if this article helped you or if you have any doubts or facing some other issues you can comment it down and if we can we would provide a solution.