How To Make Your Website Visible On Google Search | Google Webmaster Tool

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    How To Make Your Website Visible On Google Search | Google Webmaster Tool


    Everyone wants to get their website to be visible on Google but only few knows how to do it on their own or only their web developers know how to do it and they might charge you money for this but today I will show you how to make your website visible on google in a quick time you just might need some info about your hosting and domain account with you. So let’s head into it and start with the easy steps.

    You Must Have A Gmail Account


    First step is you must have a gmail account for making your site visible on google. Google Webmaster Tool only accepts gmail email id. So create one it is pretty easy and then go to Google Webmaster ToolThen Click on Search Console as shown in the below image

    Add Your Website On Google


    Now you have to add your domain name in the left text box which asks for domain name (type it without www). Then it will give you verification code that you have to add from where you have purchased your domain.

    Adding Verification Code In DNS Record

    For this method you have to login to an account from where you have purchased your domain. For example Siteground, if you have purchased your domain from Siteground login into the account and then Go to Domains -> DNS Zone Editor -> Select TXT -> Leave Name empty -> Paste the code which you got from Google -> Click Create. You can check the image to see how it looks before and after adding the code


    It’s done and google have verified successfully that you are the owner of the website. Now you just have to submit your Sitemap on google crawl so it will crawl your website and within 2-3 days if there are no errors in the website crawling process then your website will be visible on google.


    And yes it is so easy to get your website visible on Google Search. Let us know if you want some more detailed explanation about this.