How to get your first order on fiverr tips from level 2 seller


Everyone now adays is looking for best technique to earn easy money. Internet is the biggest way to earn something big in a very short period of time. Sometimes it might need little efforts and sometimes it will need lots of efforts.

Today we are going to share about how to get your first order on fiverr. As a level 2 seller and having worked on more than 1800 orders thought to share some ideas about how to quickly get visibility on fiverr. Below are 5 Tips hope it will help. 

1. Write Short Good Title For Your Gigs

Gigs title are the most important thing because that is what will help you get your gig to pop up on search results as well as that is what the buyer will see before clicking on your gigs. So it is important to have a eye catching and straight to point gig title. It will surely help you to get a good start.

2. Write Best Gig Description

Write everything in gig description that you would give to your buyer. Every minute detail is important to gain the trust and also write the best part and the uses and benefits that they will get after buying your gig. Keep it straight to point and easy to understand. As there is character limitation so use your words wisely and correctly. It should clear buyers doubts and they should directly click on Buy Now Button. My buyers message me less and they directly place an order because I have provided all details to them before hand. 

3. Apply To Buyer Requests Everyday

Trust me guys this buyer request page is something which will give you orders or at least leads so you can work on them and convert them. I used to send all 10 requests everyday and used to wait for replies and I used to keep my price as low as possible to get that order. At start keep your price low and this will definitely get you some good customers for sure.

4. Promote Be Active 24x7

Coming to the last part you have to promote yourself. Post or share your gigs on social media like linkedin where many corporate people are looking for freelancers. Share it on fb or run an ad about the same to get customers quickly. One more important thing is to be active on the site it will increase your gig ranking and make it come on first page. In the end try not to get penalised or fiverr will terminate your services and deactivate your account in no time whether you are beginner or a pro seller rules are same for everyone here.

5. Build Your Image By Writing Good Profile Description

Your description gives your buyer a sense of trust and your passion towards your work. So it is also important to make this description count. This tells the customers what else you can do and in the end your efforts are needed to start be active and be dedicated it will make you succeed on fiverr for sure.

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