5 Tips From Fiverr Level 2 Seller On How To Get Your First Order On Fiverr

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    5 Tips From Fiverr Level 2 Seller On How To Get Your First Order On Fiverr


    First let me introduce myself to you guys, My name is Zeeshan Ansari and I am a Level 2 Seller on Fiverr, completed more than 1500 orders worldwide across 70+ Countries with more than 1000 5star reviews. You can check my profile here Studious31.

    Or click on the badge below to visit my Fiverr profile.


    Starting any new business or company always need patience and dedication towards it. 

    Same goes for Fiverr Freelancing Business. It’s not easy but at the same time it’s not difficult if you follow some simple steps everyday you will achieve good response from buyers on Fiverr.

    1 - Write good and interactive profile description for attention

    Keep it simple and corporate at the same time. Don’t use much fancy words in short just describe yourself and what are your going to provide to the buyers. This is will make you look like a professional company or an individual. Check out the screenshot below to see what I am using as a description

    Profile Description on fiverr-studious31
    2 - Send Offers to Buyers Request Everyday

    This is what I did when i started my Fiverr account this really helps in getting some messages in your empty inbox or if you are lucky you will get an order too. Read the requirements of the buyer carefully and if you think it fits in your zone of expertise, send an offer which is near to the budget of the buyer or even little less would be great. As you have only 10 buyer requests sending option per day then make it count. 1 or 2 will reply back to negotiate or to directly start an order as per my experience. If you still got no reply, please don’t lose hope or patience, I did this straight for a month until I got my first order. Check out the screenshot below to see where to find buyer request option

    3 - Add Professional Gig Description

    By professional I meant not just write 3-4 lines in your description it is not good as buyers want to know what they will get in detail. So please follow the steps in writing gig description which i mostly use for myself.

    1. First explain what is your Gig about
    2. Tell them where they can use it, in this open the possibilities where your Gig can be used so it would be easy for them to imagine or for some Gigs let them know the benefits of your Gig.
    3. In this step let them know in detail what are you going to provide them. Use technical and non-technical words.
    4. I always ask in the Gig description of what they have to send to start the order. So this steps makes buyer know before ordering what the seller would need and also sometimes they directly order and not message you to ask what all things they should send.
    1. End with some god closing lines. Like we do it in essays. ( :D).

    Here is my Gig Link in case if you want to look what am I writing in my description or check out the screenshot below to see where to find buyer request option

    4 - Gig Sharing is another very important way to get orders

    Share your gig as much as you can on any platform or on all. This will at-least make people visit your Gig or some might mark them as favorite. So this is a good option. To be more specific share it where your target audience is more. In other words where you think there is even a little chance of people visiting or end up buying from you. Share or Embed it on your website if you have any or on your blogs. I personally got good response when I have started sharing my Gigs online. Check out the screenshot below to see where to find Gig sharing option.

    5 - Show Dedication & Patience & Love to your profile

    In the end the 5th tip for the beginners or people who are waiting to get their first order is to be patience and as a personal advice what I did was, I have kept my profile open from morning until I go to bed on my computer and I used to refresh the page every 10mins. So it’s tough but it’s not impossible to achieve big thing on Fiverr. Just make some steps for yourself to do on Fiverr everyday and you will get multiple orders for sure.

    Let me know if you have any questions in regards to any of the tips given above in the comment below.