How To Easily View SVG Icons Thumbnail In Windows Explorer

how to easily view svg icon in explorer

As a designer it is difficult for us as we are not able to view svg icons preview in our windows explorer. I myself tried many ways and in the end got a good software which is easy to install and it converts all the svg icons to show preview or thumbnail in windows explorer it self. Now everything is so easy for me also it is way to easy for to choose which icons we are going to use. 

For those who are facing this issue worry no more and download the software which is on github which is secure and totally free to use 

I am attaching an image and as well as the download button below the image from where you can easily know which software to install and use

Download from above link and then install the software in a tradition way (next -> next) and then see the magic. Open your folder where svg is stored and then you can see the svg icons in preview.

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